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Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima: Son of Popular Couple Manuel Sosa and Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima.

Most people know Daniel Alejandro Sosa as the son of famous Celebrity couple Manuel Sosa and Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima.

The late 1990s telenovelas Reina de Corazones and Hoy te Vi brought Daniel Alejandro Sosa’s father his initial notoriety. At the same time, Shannon De Lima, his mother, rose to fame as a pageant contestant. In the “Living & Traveling” magazine, Shannon, his mother, was profiled. His father, Manuel Sosa, on the other hand, is best recognized for his work in the films Mi Prima Cielo, La Mujer Perfecta, and Natalia del Mar. 

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima’s Wiki

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima was born on October 29, 2007, in America. Daniel is also well known for being the child of Venezuelan beauty Shannon Dea and actor Manuel Sosa. Daniel is a well-liked member of the family on FamousFaceWiki. He is American and as of 2022, he will be 14 years old. Scorpio is Daniel’s sun sign, and marigold and cosmo are his birth flowers. A well-known family member of FamousFaceWiki is Daniel Sosa. He is also recognized as a well-known celebrity who is a Scorpio.

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima’s Physical Stats

The height and weight of Daniel Alejandro Sosa are average. He has a towering stature if his photographs in relation to his surroundings are any indicator. However, the general public does not currently have access to information on his actual height or other physical details. 

Daniel’s Celebrity Mother Shannon De Lima

Model Shannon De Lima is most known for being hitched to salsa musician Marc Anthony in 2014. She was born in Venezuela on January 6, 1989. In 2020, Shannon Dea will be 32 years old. Every year, January 6 is the day she celebrates her birthday.

A well-known accomplishment of Shannon De Lima is her participation in the Miss Earth Venezuela contest when she placed second. The Statue of Liberty tattoo on Marc Anthony was modeled after Shannon De Lima. She “liberated him from his past,” which is why Marc chose this design.

In 2017, Shannon Dea and Marc Anthony divorced. Daniel is the name of Shannon De Lima’s son from her marriage to actor Manuel Sosa. She has also dated Canelo lvarez in the past. 2019 saw the start of Shannon De Lima and James Rodriguez’s relationship. Samuel, a son, was born via surrogacy to Rodriguez and Shannon De Lima in November 2019.

Daniel’s Celebrity Father Manuel Sosa

Venezuelan actor Manuel Sosa is well recognized for his appearances in various telenovelas. He was born on October 28, 1983, as Manuel Sosa Morales in Caracas, Venezuela. The age of Manuel Sosa is 36. Every year on October 28, he has a birthday party.

In his relationships with supermodel Shannon de Lima and fellow actress Mirela Mendoza, Manuel Sosa had two children: “Danielito” and Sofia. In 2011, Manuel Sosa and Sabrina Salvador had a brief romance while they were both co-stars in the drama Natalia del Mar.

Daniel: Being A Celebrity Child Reflects His Wealth 

Danial is the son of well-known actress Manuel Sosa and model Shannon De Lima. He doesn’t need to earn money, due to his parent’s wealth, his estimated net worth ranges between $100k to $1 million. he has a good quality of life.

Daniel Is Too Young For Social Media Accounts 

Daniel is currently not active on any social media networks because he is too young to use them. His mother has a sizable following and is active on Instagram. Shanna routinely updates her Instagram account with photos from her daily life, entertaining her followers. About 2.5 million people follow and have followed 1332 people on his mother’s Instagram.


Does Daniel have a social media account?


How old is Daniel?

14 years

Is Daniel a celebrity kid?


What is the name of Daniel’s father?

Manuel Sosa

What is the name of Daniel’s mother?

Shannon De Lima

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